Thursday, April 4, 2013

'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep' - Jayda

Jayda is the character I have created who's mother owns the figurines of the Shepherdess, Chimney Sweep, and Veronique. I wanted her to be a very real and modern kid with plenty of spunk zaniness to spare!

Life Drawing Studies

Thank you to everyone in the Zumba class for letting me draw you!

Assorted Character Designs

'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep'

These are the two leading characters in my interpretation of 'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep'.

I wanted my Shepherdess to be a bit more relatable than the average character. She gets frustrated, exasperated, overly excited, and somewhat romantically unaware.
My Chimney Sweep is a energetic adventurer and a timidly shy romantic.

'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep' - Veronique

This is Veronique, my supreme villainess in my interpretation of 'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep'. She is cruel and composed but psychotically breaks and frazzles when faced with stress.

'The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep' - Storytelling Moments/Color Studies

These two moments take place simultaneously in the story. The Chimney Sweep takes The Shepherdess on a dangerous climb up the chimney to look at the stars and share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Veronique suspects where the two have escaped to and is not pleased to say the least.