Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thesis Presentation!

Me with the final presentation!
The final book.

Business/Trading Cards!

The Shepherdess & the Chimney Sweep

I wouldn’t call myself a hopeless romantic, but I would say that I am romantically hopeful. Trust me, I am fully aware of how real-life villains can swoop in on their broomsticks of delusional superiority and force-feed you poisoned apples of unfair cruelty. Not in all cases, but sometimes, I do think that love can conquer these villains.

I feel like fairy tales have always taken place in a world that understands the balance between romance and evil, and the struggles to fight for one side. This fairy tale, based on the original Hans Christian Andersen story, revolves around the budding romance between two small china figurines and their struggle against the emotionally unstable Veronique, to try and fight for their love.

In creating the character designs, I tried to implement as much traditional drawing as possible. Traditional media allowed me to focus on creating a very wide range of facial expressions and physical quirks for each character. I tried to keep digital rendering to a minimum in order to not distract from the emotion of the line drawings themselves. I want these characters to be able to quickly establish their personality and distinctive emotions with viewers.

My goal for this project is that it look and feel like it could easily transition into being a fully-formed animated short or feature film. Hopefully, viewers will feel the romance, humor, and touch of psychotic evil that I have tried to infuse this project with.

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